Can We Break the Universe? What does that imply?

The assumption that with high enough technology, it is possible to break the universe leads to many interesting conclusions. It almost eliminates the possibility of an older, more powerful race, except under certain circumstances. Quite simply if you can break the universe, there is no way to prevent people who would do so from figuring out how to. It will take time, but it will happen.

But if you can also create universes too, the game changes.

Under those conditions, it becomes almost certain that more universes will be created than die. Like grass, some will die without creating seed, but many, if not most, will develop races that create other universes before some nut case wipes out that universe.

Also, under those conditions, the likelihood that someone created ours approaches 100%.


And for what purpose?

Jack Chalker explores one possibility in his Well of Souls books. An over powerful race trying to make a better race. Philip José Farmer World of Tiers explores another, creating places to play god. I recommend both authors.

I have explored this idea myself. It is the background of my Viking of Asgard, though I never go into it in that story. Those people can create identical copies of the original universe from any time up to its destruction, and have created thousands of sets of a thousand different universes at different times in each set to watch what interconnecting them in different manners does. Asgard is one such experiment. My Kera stories take a different track. Ours is a naturally occurring universe and we find one created by an alien race who tried to make one permanent that could not be destroyed. In making it permanent, they accidentally ruled out technology and a type of magic is in use.

If people can build universes, they will try to tailor them to whatever need or even whatever fancy they have if they can make the physics work out. But we know one set of physics works out, so copying it and then playing god, might be the norm.

Is this a copy?

Is there someone playing god?

What are their goal?

Have fun thinking about that late into the night.

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