First Ten Episodes on all Stories Free

Amazon’s Kindle Vella has made the first ten episodes free. But they are paying the authors a bonus for each free episode that you read. This means you can really help out authors at no cost to you or you can find big bargains, stories just a little over ten episodes to read.

Most of the authors on Kindle Vella are struggling and anything you read of them would help. Here is a list of mine.

I Took A Walk

This is my shortest story on Vella at 12 episode, written years ago. Is is corporate espionage gone wrong, when someone starts walking through walls and solid ground. #sciencefiction

A Fall of Ashes

At 14 episodes this is my second shortest story. This is the first part of The In the Service of Evil story line. It is before Ashes becomes a powerful sorceress and turns to evil. This is the beginning of her journey from victim to victimizer. #Darkfantasy

Wind Blown Ashes

This is 30 plus episode and is ongoing. It continues the story of Ashes looking for a place to live after the destruction of her home. #Darkfantasy

Viking of Asgard

This one is also ongoing at 30 plus episodes. King Peter has given a gang leader from the early eights and a biker gang leader from the late seventies ships that can hop from one Earth to another earth but no two Earths are at the same point in history. Each must agree to be his barons and give him half of everything they take from any earth they raid. #scinecefiction


Also at 30+ episodes. An ancient powerful race of shape shifters, who race watch life evolved on this planet, reveals themselves. #Modernfantasy

Mercenary Captain Kerric

This one is also 30+ and ongoing. Kerric, an immortal mage pretending to be a mercenary were mages are not supposed to be able to do magic, takes one more job before taking his people home, but things go wrong. #Darkfantasy

Donald of Mars

This one is 40+ episodes and ongoing. It is set it only a few years after the first person lands on Mars and Donald is a man who chooses to become a colonist instead of returning to Earth when his tour working construction ends. Part of the purpose in writing this one was to give a more realistic view of what the early years of a Mars colony might be like. There are no aliens, or super science, just a construction worker trying to live on a new colony. #Hardsciencefiction

Kera Discovered

This story is 17 episodes and ongoing. Man has had space flight and no wars for 3,000 years when the Universe of Kara is discovered.  The laws of physics are different enough that no modern technology works. It old, and has an infinite surface. Peter Jeffries and the security force that he works for are hired to explore it without modern technology or arms. #sciencefiction

Renegade on Kera: The Great Basin

Another 40+ token ongoing story set some thousand years after Kara Discovered. Both stories are independent of each other. Like the other races of Kara, humans now call laws of physics of Kara Magic. They have uses Ais and genetic engineering to make Human magic supreme. After using an illegal spell in an illegal duel, Roger must flee or be banished from magic forever. #sciencefantasy

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