Kindle Vella

Here is a list of links of what you can find by me on Kindle Vella

Viking of Asgard (Sceince Fiction)

Asgard is a copy of Earth as it was five million years in the past where the mysterious King Peter built his castle and put 64 Interdimensional Transportation Crafts. There are infinite copies of Earth from every moment of time, but each ITC can only access a thousand of those worlds. So why was King Peter choosing criminals to hand those over to and encouraging them to raid and pillage the different timelines? Would Don, a gangbanger from 1984, Cincinnati, and Bob and middle-aged California Biker from 1977, ever figure that out?

Donald of Mars(Science Fiction)

With my story Donald of Mars, I am using fiction to teach a more realistic view of what colonizing Mars is likely to be like. It has no aliens. No super technology. No world-shattering crisis. It is a man trying to deal with all the genuine problems that will come up building a life for himself there. I set it roughly 20 years after the first-person lands on Mars, where each window numerous ships bring in more people and equipment.

At the end of his contract, Donald neither returns to earth, nor renews his corporate employment contract. Instead, he takes his bonus and makes a payment for home construction and begins working for himself.

A Fall of Ashes (Dark Fantasy,completed 14 episodes)

his one is a Dark Fantasy. It is the first story of a series I have drafted called In Service to Evil and deals with her before she started down the Black Path of magic. At the start of this story, Ashes is a young, ignorant peasant farm girl that doesn’t think things through. She just wants a husband, and most any husband would do. But only slaves are naked in public and once a suitor tricks her into getting naked in public, slavery in a tavern would be her fate until a witch discovers she has magic and offers her a different path.

Wind Blown Ashes (Dark Fantasy)

The story of Ashes contiunes as she stuggles not be a victom anymore and to stay on the grey path as she wanders far from her destroyed home.

Renegade on Kara: The Great Basin (Science Fantasy)

Kara is an ancient Universe with an infinite planetary surface discovered long after man started colonizing the stars. Roger attends The University, the largest school of higher learning to exist, spanning several planet’s worth of continents through one of the gates to Kara. After fighting and illegal duel using banned spells, he is forced to go on the run from the most powerful government to have ever existed, using the best AI to catch him. Most would say it was hopeless.

Kara Discoved(Science Fiction)

This story is set some thousand years before Renegade on Kara takes place, three thousand years after man has elimited war and setteled millions of star systems. The legion is a relic of the past, men who trian for war that survives by doing security work against wildlife for new colonies setting up. It is they that have to explory this land were tecnology won’t funtion.

I Took A Walk (complete 12 episodes)

An offer of easy money testing out a protoype tthat allows someone to walk though walls turns out not to be so easy when the plan is to use it for corporate esponage.

Mercanary Captain Kerric (Dark Fantansy )

It is nearing time for Kerric to take his men home but things don’t go smoothly for him when he decides to take one more job before retuning and he comes to see that he and his men are in no shape to go home.

Koradonda (Dark Urban Fantasy)

Patrolman Ann Donaldson’s being nice to a teenaged sexually abused girl gets her caught up in the mess when a member of an ancient race of shape shifter decides now it the time to reveal to human civilazaton his race, the Koradonda.