The Tomlin of Kara

This is an image that generated when I gave it my description of a Tomlin. I have no idea why it gave the spear such a ridiculous head on it. Other than that, it isn’t too far off from what I was envisioning when I started writing about Kara all those years ago.

Tomlins are green bipedal reptiles with large T-Rex style heads, roughly 1.4 meter tall and were the first outside race that discovered Kara after the fall of the Ikerid civilization that founded it.

The Tomlin home planet had 95 percent of the gravity of early, so strength wise they are near natural humans. But unlike humans, they never went in for genetic engineering of their own species, so the humans that found Kara are stronger by a good margin.

Like humans, they too were endurance savanna hunters in their evolutionary past. But the Tomlins used a kangaroo like hopping motion instead of the trot humans used, so have a far higher pace and a far better endurance. They are also pure meat eaters and while on their home world preferred fresh, they could eat what was too spoiled for most other meat-eaters.

Their home universe allowed for slightly better use of psychic power, so telepathy with those near evolved, and spoken language and appeared far later than with humans. They formed clans that were far more ethnically competitive than happened on earth. Their version of ethnic cleansing eliminated the slightest deviation from normal long before Kara was discovered. That racial purity is also why they never had gene engineering.

Their technological evolution was far slower than humans. This and their clan like nature contributed to them never achieving a world government or interstellar sub light star travel. Their discovery of gateing to different universes was not part of looking for a fast means of travel, as it was with most other races that found Kara. Once they stumbled on Kara, they built a very efficient system of finding the already established habitable zones rather than attempt to terraform the uninhabitable area. Over tens of thousands of years, every year a few habitable gates would be opened and a few dozen tribes move there and then they were closed. But eventually a mistake was their undoing and the planet was destroyed.

By that time, more Tomlin lived on Kara than on their planet by a couple of orders of magnitude. At this time, the only habitable areas were the ones the Ikerid created and they never created ones that they did not settle with Ikerid and their client races. This means if there are Tomlin there, there are also Monderin, Ikerid and Kefling. But the reverse in not true as the Tomlin only found a fraction of the ones that the Ikerid created. The Tomlin and Ikerid are evenly matched in power and who is on top constantly changed as empires rose and fell.

With technology and mutation impossible on Kara, that situation continued for billions and billions of years until other races that did use genetic engineering found Kara came in and took over. It still continues in every place those races have not discovered, but in most places that those stronger races are, Tomlin, Ikerid and the Monderin are servants or slave to stronger races.

These are only one of the races involved in the Kara stories. On Reamstories and Kindle Vella.

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