In the Service of Evil update

Book one, A Fall of Ashes, is now up on Reamstoreies, joining the ongoing story of Wind Blown Ashes. Both stories have updated covers and are also available on Kindle Vella.

You can follow Ashes story as she struggles to learn not to be a victim and tries to balance her scales, so she done not end up following the Dark Path.

The Fall of Ashes

After being betrayed and raped, Ashes only chance to avoid being a tavern slave is an apprenticeship to an old witch of the woods. But having magic isn’t enough to stop others from victimizing her.

Wind Blown Ashes

Finally, beyond the reach of the dark sorceress, Ashes is through being a whore and letting men take advantage of her. But she needs more power and places that will welcome her are few and far.

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