Why reading the free episodes on Kindle Vella matters.

Criticism on how bad the stuff on Kindle Vella is, is common, and much of it, accurate. Right along with its established serial authors, with well-honed story-telling skills, are even more authors still learning to tell good stories, and the craft of writing. But writing is just like any art and takes years of practice to do well. Any incentive to keep at it helps keep the writer at it.

Amazon is providing one of those incentives in the form of bonuses to each author for every episode people read of their work, paid or free, in their Kindle Vella program. These subsidies help keep new writers at it and make it possible for others to now dedicate themselves to writing full time. So even if you don’t spend a dime, just reading the free stuff of what any writer puts up, sees them not only being notified that their works is being seen, which every writer likes, but gets them a small amount of money to keep them at it.

The first ten episodes of every story are free, so it is real easy to give any author a boost. All you have to do is read it. Fiction dominates Kindle Vella, but you will find cookbooks, memoirs, biographies, poetry, history and many other things there. Finding what you like and reading that on Kindle Vella keeps these authors working on putting out what you want them to, instead of giving up.

You may also just find that work that pulls you in so much you have to keep reading past the ten free episodes. Going past those ten free is an even bigger incentive for them to keep turning out more stuff you like. But if you really want to see more of their stuff, say it in the comments on each story and leave a review of their work.

My linktree, a list of links to each story, is in the comments. Other authors can leave their link list there too. Pick one and start helping to keep these people working at putting out the type of stories you like.

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20 thoughts on “Why reading the free episodes on Kindle Vella matters.

  1. Thanks so much, James. My Kindle Vella is a mystery/thriller called “The Windfall.” A drive-by shooting in downtown Cincy lands a man in a coma. See what the bad guys want from him. Does it have anything to do with a lottery winner? Two seasons and 44 episodes and counting.

  2. Thank you!

    Welcome to the dangerous world of Fatum where magic and demons are real, where earthlings are considered weak, where teeth (of all kinds) serve as the standard currency. Betty a timid lonely earthling girl teams up with Sam, a sheltered shaman in training who is nearly as clueless about this world as she is, and Loe his mysterious excessively guarded mentor, both banished and on the run. The three of them set off together in search of a way back, a way out, a way home. https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/episode/B0CN7DS97Q #ya #fantasy #actionadventure #isekai #animelit https://linktr.ee/kate.e.lore #fantasyadventures #fantasyyabooks #fantasyya

  3. Thank you!

    Hearts in Danger is a Romantic Suspense series. Note by Note features Finn and Jess in Australia, traveling around the world solving a mystery through art and music. Moment by Moment, their sequel, takes them on a journey traveling through time in pursuit of the one person who wants to see them permanently separated. Memory by Memory stars their friend, Max, and a new character, Dr. Neolani Kapahu on an adventure in Hawaii.

    My other serials are non-fiction tales of my travels with my college roommate and best friend – to Australia, Hawaii, Europe, and more.

  4. As an avid reader and a writer on the Kindle Vella platform, I’ve fallen in love with serial fiction. With diversity in genres, there is something for everyone.
    Currently, I have a small-town mystery centered around a community (beauty) pageant called “Miss Blue Skies.” I also have a long-running series – a family drama, military romance called “An Operator’s Daughter – parts I-IV” with a new spinoff “Archangel of My Dreams.”

  5. https://linktr.ee/hetzae WARNING DRUG/ALCOHOl⭐STARCROSSED LOVERS⭐🧩Pieces of My Universe: A Tale of Love, Deception, and Supernatural Awakening Hannah is a high school freshman living in the 90s. She has natural psychic abilities that allow her to see beyond this reality. As she navigates through the ups and downs of adolescence, she discovers that the people in her life are pieces of her universe that are leading her to the boy she psychically sees in her dreams. Join Hannah on her journey of self-discovery, love, and forgiveness. ⏰🍭NEW EPISODE 87 Tapping In!🍭⏰
    🧩Pieces of My Universe a 90’s drama/romcom
    🧙‍♂️V’s Journey of Awareness a mystic/fantasy
    🗝️So I Kept Her Locked Away! Non-fiction where I spill my tea 🫖 👀⏰NEW EPISODE 19 Preposterous! 👀⏰

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